PartySugar's slightly robust first generation iPod has been sitting at geeksugar central for longer than we want to admit. (We joke with the "robust" comment - Party gets major vintage geek points for owning and still using the first gen iPod!) Despite our fear of blood, we finally decided to perform the surgery. You'll be pleased to know it went well.

We followed a combination of the Wired's How To Replace Your iPod Battery, the directions on the FastMac Premium iPod Battery kit and inherent geek skills. The kit, which costs $18-$25 depending on your iPod generation, includes two plastic screwdrivers, the battery and instructions. It will save you the $66 you'd have to send Apple if your iPod is out of warranty. The entire process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

For additional images and step by step instructions for changing your battery, read more

  1. Begin by laying your iPod on its back on a soft work surface.
  2. Using a nylon screwdriver tool, gently insert the pointed end between the battery and the end of the metal back casing and the acrylic front of the iPod, at the top of the unit.
  3. Using a gentle prying motion, work the nylon tool down the length of the iPod toward the bottom. The concealed clips will release as you slide the tool down the iPod's back shell.
  4. Work the nylon tool in from the nylon tool in from the bottom of the unit once you have the left side released. There are two clips on the bottom to unlock. Be careful to not put pressure on the back of the case and accidentally close the top left side where you began the process.
  5. Once the bottom shell is free, it will easily come off of the iPod. Set it aside.
  6. Gently work the battery from the iPod, there are two black adhesive strips on the top and bottom of the battery to release. If they stick to the battery, simply peel them off and reapply them to the top of the hard drive. It may take some force - use gentle force.
  7. Disconnect the battery from under the top adhesive strip, from its mounting point on the logic board.
  8. Insert the replacement high-capacity battery onto the logic board socket. it will only plug in one direction. Then, place the battery back onto the adhesive strips, centering its position on the iPod as shown. Tuck the wires in neatly to the top of the batter, making sure they do not protrude from the inside of the case.
  9. Slide the iPod back cover onto the front shell and gently press toward the front to snap it back on.
  10. Your iPod is now ready to be charged and used!