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'How To' Roundup - Clean, Download and Personalize

'How To' Roundup - Clean, Download and Personalize

  • I love my camera phone, but sometimes I wonder if I should blame it or my photography skills for all the blurry pictures I take. Cell phone picture quality can depend on a variety of factors including the number of megapixels, the optical zoom and flash capabilities. Wondering the same thing? Here's How To Take Quality Pictures On Your Phone.

  • Remember in Sex and the City when Carrie's laptop crashes and everyone keeps asking her - did you backup? While it may seem elementary to some, I get plenty of e-mails from people wondering How To Back Up Data On A CD. Just read it, then do it. You'll thank your lucky stars some day.
  • Wondering how to get the nasty dust and dirt out from under your Motorola Razr V3 screen - or any screen for that matter? I understand how traumatic it can be to not see your caller ID properly! Here's How To Clean The Screen Of Your Motorola Razr.
  • You can add some color and flair to Google's personalized home pages. You'll get the choice of six fancy panoramas - a city, a teahouse, a winter scene, a sky, a beach and a bus stop - that change depending on the time of day and the weather.
  • iTunes podcasts are great because you can listen to all your favorite radio shows and audio/video programs anytime. Here's How To Subscribe To Podcasts On iTunes.
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