How to Stop Spotify on Facebook

For Your Spotif-Eyes Only: Privatize Listening Activity

For Your Spotif-Eyes Only: Privatize Listening Activity

There's no way around it: you don't want the world to know that you're listening to Flo Rida for the eighth time this afternoon. For better or worse, Spotify has certainly caught on with the Facebook crowd, and the company will only continue to grow thanks to its new foray into the web. With Spotify's audience increasing as fast as it is, we put together a little guide to keeping your Flo Rida obsession for your Spotif-eyes only.

Spotify, believe it or not, has settings to privatize listening activity posts, but the social media controls are kept in the nooks and crannies of the desktop app and on Facebook. In what follows, we've laid out several ways Spoti-philes can keep their tunes to themselves and double (or triple) check that they've done it right.


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