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Icanhascheezburger Posts Job Search, Website Speaklolcat Can Help You

Website of the Day: Speaklolcat

Thinking about applying for a job at icanhascheezburger? Then you'd better brush up your skillz with the ultimate Lolcat translator, Speaklolcat. As a die-hard lolcat lover, my biggest pet peeve in the world — and I have many — is when people try to create their own Lolcat text and fail, horribly.

Please people — it's not all in bad spelling! Yes, poor spelling is involved, as is poor grammar, but most Lolcat vernacular is based on the phonetic spelling of words. The rest, my friends, is art. Pure, infallible art. I used Speaklolcat to translate a famous Oscar Wilde quote and produced "TEH ONLY WAI 2 GIT RID OV TEMPTASHUN IZ 2 YIELD 2 IT." Quite right.

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