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"Interactive" Bathroom Experience To Prevent DUIs

"Interactive" Bathroom Experience To Prevent DUIs

MTV cribs and TV manufacturers want us to think our lives are incomplete without TVs in our showers or TVs built into our bathroom mirrors, but a group of designers hope to market an interactive bathroom screen that will prevent you from having a Lindsay Lohan moment. Aside from its vile name, the Piss Screen is pretty innovative. It's actually a game that was made to encourage people to take a taxi home with Frankfurt Taxi Services after having a few drinks, rather than get behind the wheel of their own car. No word on a female-friendly version, but frankly I don't know many women who would be interested.

How does it work? A pressure-sensitive inlay is set within urinals, enabling users to play a game while they, ummm potty. The game itself was displayed on a screen above each urinal, and automatically starts. The player can then control the car whilst relieving himself – if they want the car to go right, they simply peed to the right. It was modeled after "Need for Speed," requiring relatively quick reactions, but clearly, the drunker you are, the slower your response, reinforcing the effects of alcohol to the gamer. The game ultimately culminates in a shocking crash-sequence reminding you what might happen if you drive drunk. To check out the video of how the game works, visit The Piss Screen.

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