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Jam Out With The Electro Belt

We've all seen the funky TuneBuckle, which allows you to fit your iPod into your belt buckle, but what will the future hold when it comes to MP3 Player belt accessories?

If designer Kristian Paljasma has her way the Electro Belt will be the next big thing in geek gear.

It’s a belt with an MP3 player built into the buckle. You keep it charged and synced via USB. Of course, the belt itself can be customized with different face plates that illuminate while you’re listening to your tunes.

While I can't see this being an overwhelming hit with your average geeky girl, I do envision young men, skateboarders and snowboarders would love a device that combines a little flash, with all the function of an MP3 Player, particularly if it can sync with the solar panel jacket or io-Jacket, which has built in mobile-phone and GPS. I mean, once you have one piece, you're going to want the whole outfit, right?






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