James Cameron Uses Augmented Reality to Promote Avatar

James Cameron Gets Creative With Tech to Promote Avatar

Augmented reality seems to be the next big thing on the tech horizon — already new apps and even umbrellas are using the technology — and it doesn't seem to be in short supply either. Just after we learned that Esquire will be using augmented reality in their upcoming issue, I realized that James Cameron has also harnessed the feature to promote his next big blockbuster. Every time you buy an Avatar product — whether it be an action figure or a branded can of Coke — you can use your webcam to have some fun with 3D right in your home. Just hold the product up to your webcam, and you'll see a interactive 3D character on your screen. Sure, you can't do much with a 3D character, but it might make me pick up a can of soda next time I hit the convenience store!

In addition, the latest three minute Avatar trailer was released over the weekend to the "world's largest trailer-viewing audience", proving that Mr. Cameron is willing to use a pretty big bag of tech tricks to get our butts in the theater next month!