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Jessica Alba Talks About Being A Video Game Character

Her past as Dark Angel and current role as Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four movie and video game makes Jessica Alba a TV, movie and video game star. Of course the recent return to her role as Sue Storm for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, meant more body scans and geeky gaming meetings for the movie's video game. Word is Jessica worked closely with Activision, the creators of the game, to make it more realistic and hopes to become even more involved with the gaming industry.

She recently gave Yahoo's Celebrity Bytes the low down about her love of games, what she thinks of the industry, how she thinks the Wii can help kids combat obesity and what it feels like to see your body and face translated via a gaming console. Here's more:

  • What role do you see video games playing today in Hollywood?
    I think games play an important role in movies. It's all entertainment. It's all fantasy, and it's a way for people to connect to the movie by living vicariously through the characters in the video game. It's a great role-playing experience. I've had a go or two at 007 and there's a part of me that likes to pretend that I'm James Bond.
  • What do you think of what they can do with video games today?
    The graphics are insane. They're so real. I grew up playing Bomberman and Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers and Zelda, where you had just this little guy who could barely walk and the music was like doot... doot... doot. And the way they walked was so stiff and robotic. And now the game characters look like people moving around. It's a similar technology to what we use in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. We now know how to make films that are completely animated and computer-generated, and convincingly real.
  • Have you seen yourself in the video games you've worked on in the past?
    I have seen myself in video games, like in Dark Angel or the first Fantastic Four game. It's weird. It doesn't seem like me, but it is. It's totally weird. It's like having an action figure. It's super cool, but it's like, there's no way this is real. You know they do body scans and everything to make the game characters look as much like you as they can. It's completely cool and bizarre.
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    What does Alba think about the Wii? read more

  • You mentioned recently getting the Nintendo Wii - what do you like about it?
    I think the physicality of the Wii gets people off the couch. Sometimes you can just sit there playing a video game for hours and never move and you're brain is just zapped from playing the game. With the Wii, you're up on your feet and moving around. The physical aspect of it is great, especially for kids. They actually call it the Wii Diet, since active players can burn calories!

    Hey, whatever works. Obesity is ridiculous with kids today in our country. Anything that helps is great. You know, West Virginia is using Dance Dance Revolution in all schools as part of P.E. I know a lot of public school programs don't even have P.E. these days. That's crazy. It wasn't even an option when I was a kid. What the heck! I remember climbing up the rope, doing the mile run and all of that stuff.






For the rest of the interview, visit Yahoo's Celebrity Bytes. The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer video game is available for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, DS and XBox. 360.

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