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John McCain Draws More Television Viewers For Speech Than Barack Obama, But What About Internet Viewing?

Did You Watch Convention Speeches on the Internet?

What's so interesting about John McCain's speech at the Republican National Convention bringing in slightly more viewers than Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention to geeksugar? It's interesting because this election has involved the Internet in an inextricable fashion — so much so that this data, the viewing habits of live broadcast television only, could be kinda skewed.

What I'm getting at is that I know a lot of people who didn't tune in to their regular broadcast to watch either speech, and instead watched videos of the speeches online. In fact, since the Internet is where I, and many others, have been getting their election coverage, it makes sense that you wouldn't turn on the TV to watch a speech, confident that they would make it on YouTube (like most important things these days).

So tell me, if you watched any of the convention speeches, did you watch them online?

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