Justin Bieber at CES With Dancing Robot (Pictures)

Justin Bieber Geeks Out With a Robot at CES

Justin Bieber at CES With Dancing Robot (Pictures)

Justin Bieber, meet dancing machine. Today at CES, TOSY Robotics showed off the new mRobo Ultra Bass, a dancing robot and portable speaker. Like a real-life Transformer!

Justin Bieber was on hand to debut the new high-tech toy, which holds about 500 songs on 2 gigabytes of memory. Users can upload songs via USB, then play the music via a remote through the super bass-centric speaker.

Once the music starts, the mRobo speaker transforms into a dancing bot. It can dance to any genre (we'll see about that) played on its own system or from other devices streamed via Bluetooth. Click through to see Bieber meet bot.

Source: WireImage

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