Just a few days after Justin TV announced it would allow users to create their own channel and share their life with whoever has enough time to watch, the network has signed on a female lifecaster, appropriately named Justine. Just as I predicted, Justine's channel seems to be banking on her being an attractive blonde woman: Instead of the camera being attached to a hat and showing what she sees (a la Justin's camera), it seems to face Justine for much of the day, indubitably to show off how cute she is. (I'm not being a hater people, I'm just saying...)

Justine is from Pittsburgh, PA and works as a freelance graphic/web designer and video editor with her roommate/bestfriend Desiree. "I jokingly claim to be the internet so why not stream my life 24/7?," she says on her profile.

She's been live for about 5 days, but Wired's Epicenter has discovered she has been busy on the indie video scene for some time and even placed second in Yahoo’s video Talent Show, and since then has guest hosted Leo Laporte’s "MacBreak Weekly" video podcast and raised the profile of her own video blog TastyBlogSnack. Wired presumes the Justine channel will provide a look at the "lighter side of lifecasting" for fans who have been watching Justin's more serious channel. Anyone else think it's creepy they essentially have the same name?