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First Comes Vogue, Then Comes a Kanye West Flappy Bird Game

Mar 25 2014 - 11:08am

First a Vogue cover [1], and now this?

In addition to all the Flappy Bird alternatives for you to play [2] while waiting for the life-ruining game [3] that no one can win (ever) to return to the App Store, there's now another hilarious Flappy Bird knockoff called Flying Yeezus [4] (free).

Yes, Flying Yeezus, aka flying Kanye head, in which you must "help Kanye West [5] get through obstacles by tapping the screen to go up and down."

After seeing all those Vogue cover parodies [6], we're hardly surprised. Think Yeezus will play it?

Source: iTunes App Store [7]

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