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Karl Lagerfeld Owns 70 iPods - Is That Really Necessary?

It seems there are some celebrities that just can't get enough geeky gadgets - leaving me to wonder, how many is too many? Designer Karl Lagerfeld owns 70 iPods, according to the March edition of Elle Magazine. Lagerfeld, who has a history at Chloé, Fendi and Chanel and is known for partying with his muses Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan, reportedly converted his 60,000 CD collection onto his arsenal of iPods in December of 2004. Now he owns roughly 70 iPods (I am guessing more than that since it has been a few years) scattered around the globe in his various residences. "The iPod completely changed the way people approach music," he is quoted as saying. And here I was thinking the best part of having an iPod is the fact that you can take songs on and off...Any guesses on how many Posh has?

For a gallery of photos of Karl with his other favorite gadget - a camera- just read more







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