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Katherine Heigl Talks on iPhone, Doesn't Pretend to Listen to Music to Avoid Fans

Do You Ever Pretend to Listen to Music on Your Headphones?

This month's InStyle had a funny "Truth or Tabloid" item about Katherine Heigl — Star magazine claimed that the actress pretends to rock out to her iPod without music playing so that people won't bother her on the street. Her rep busted the rumor and responded that Katherine has an iPhone (which we can certainly attest to) and is usually just talking on the ear buds.

It's nice to know she's not hiding out, but I totally have to fess up here — I do this! I pretty much always have my earbuds in when I'm walking to and from work and on public transportation, and I'm not always listening to music. I admit to sometimes eavesdropping on conversations (hey, if you're talking on the bus, someone's listening), but I definitely do it to avoid being bothered. I have even pretended to be on the phone on my earbuds to get out of being bugged by those pesky solicitors on the sidewalk! Have you ever done this?

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