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2014, the Year People Lost Their Damn Minds Playing the Kim Kardashian Game

Nov 21 2014 - 7:37am

Fun fact: the Kim Kardashian video game [1] made over $43 million [2] this year. Don't believe it? Consider that it's currently in the top 10 in the App Store and that people across the country just cannot put the thing down. Seriously, in 2014, Kim's game was at Candy Crush [3] levels. And it's all thanks to these people . . .

playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood pic.twitter.com/bnqPjrz6ic [4]

— (@HuntBray) July 14, 2014 [5]

The struggle.

a support group for everyone who started playing kim kardashian hollywood as a joke and can't stop

— Ryan (@RyanPaynter) July 15, 2014 [6]

Stay strong.

i side eye anyone who thinks they are too good to play kim kardashian hollywood

— Calvin (@aurosan) July 14, 2014 [7]

Don't judge.

*puts Kim Kardashian Hollywood game achievements on resume*

— roz (@rozzayroz) July 15, 2014 [8]

Go girl.

I feel like I'm slowly watching every person I love become a victim of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

— Erin Wert (@erinwert) July 15, 2014 [9]


before kim kardashian hollywood i never hit an animal, now i assault every bird i see on the street hoping they have cash hidden on them

— Calvin (@aurosan) July 14, 2014 [10]

Watch out for this guy.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood isn't just a game it's a lifestyle

— Jocelyn Jones (@jocelynjones55) July 15, 2014 [11]

Don't get it twisted.

I didn't mean to get this involved with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood someone make it stop

— Lauren Aquilina (@laurenaquilina) July 14, 2014 [12]

Some things you can't control.

making some changes in my life. just deleted kim kardashian hollywood and i'm being serious.

— mel (@klainky) July 14, 2014 [13]

Baby steps.

Waiting for energy in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game like pic.twitter.com/jYuvttuM4U [14]

— k (@kquinnnx) July 15, 2014 [15]

The worst.

Me when I run out of energy of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood pic.twitter.com/5aCifahVXP [16]

— Common White Girl (@girlposts) July 10, 2014 [17]


the best part about sleeping is waking up with full energy on kim kardashian hollywood

— MEGFACE (@frickoakley) July 14, 2014 [18]

Rise and shine.

why cant the boys create a game like kim kardashian hollywood

— cha(y)-ching (@aeropaynestale) July 14, 2014 [19]

Not fair.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the reason why I'm so tired and stressed

— lona baby (@goldestbieber) July 14, 2014 [20]

Get it together.

"I downloaded this game as a joke but now it's taking over my life." - everyone after they download the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game

— Brigette Aguilar (@brigetteaguilar) July 13, 2014 [21]


Me playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood I understand what Kim goes through pic.twitter.com/FBv25OTl9x [22]

— Bre♓️ (@Just_Bre_Amazin) July 13, 2014 [23]



— 5SOS Updates (@5SOSUpdatesUSA) July 12, 2014 [24]


In conclusion . . .

Source: E! [25]

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