LG G3 Specs

The LG G3 Is the Most Advanced Smartphone on Paper

The LG G3 Is the Most Advanced Smartphone on Paper

The new LG G3 smartphone is an overachiever. The Android-powered device has a massive screen at 5.5 inches (versus the iPhone's 4-inch display) yet still manages to feel compact, thanks to slim hardware and thin bezels around the sides. Plus, it's got the highest resolution screen ever and frickin' lasers!

Here is what makes the LG G3 the most advanced phone on paper:

  • The 5.5-inch display is "Quad HD," which means it has four times the resolution of HD with 538 pixels per inch.
  • Instead of tapping to focus with the camera, the LG G3 has a laser autofocus system that's so fast, tapping on the LG G3's screen will simultaneously focus and shoot the scene.
  • A quad-core Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, plus a microSD slot power the device.
  • Smart Notice is LG software that, like Google Now, acts as a personal assistant. It can prompt you to delete or uninstall any unused files or apps. It can also remind you of a call you declined earlier.
  • The camera is equipped with a 13MP sensor and optical image stabilization.

LG claims that the hardware was designed to feel as comfortable in one hand as possible. The curved body and thin sides make the phone feel smaller despite its large display size.

The LG G3 is a pretty device — it has a brushed metal rear that won't attract fingerprints or smudges. When the LG G3 arrives to the states later this Summer, the color options will be metallic black, silk white, shine gold, moon violet, and burgundy red.