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Luxury Leather Gadget Goodies Worth the Splurge

Feb 1 2013 - 10:29am

Jison Case [1]'s luxury leather offerings will cost a pretty penny — but these iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini cases are so stylish, they may be worth the splurge.

The genuine leather tech protection stood out on the Macworld/iWorld showroom floor, but we were surprised to discover that the cases didn't just have great form — they were completely functional, too! One wallet had a built-in, removable iPhone case secured with magnets.

We snapped pictures of our favorites from the Jison Case collection of leather gadget goodies. Take a look, and let us know: are these luxury cases worth the splurge?

Elegance Leather Series

These covers for iPad [2] ($270), iPad mini [3] ($200), and iPhone 5 [4] ($66) are made of ostrich leather and only come in hot pink, which we're OK with.

Wallet With Removable iPhone Case

This wallet won't be available until later this Spring, but it was our favorite offering from Jison Case. On the outside, the accessory looks like a normal leather wallet. But when you release the snap enclosure, the wallet reveals a removable, matching iPhone case.

Wallet With Removable iPhone Case

See? Removable! And there are grooves that keep the case snug.

Quilted Leather Series

This quilted line with a matelassé pattern for iPad [5] ($92), iPad mini [6] ($84), and iPhone 5 [7] ($49) is soft and comfortable to hold. The cases come in seven different colors.

Vintage Leather Series

These cases for iPad [8] ($97), iPad mini [9] ($97), and iPhone 5 [10] ($65) are the most lightweight protection offered by Jison. The iPad cases have the open-to-wake, close-to-sleep Smart Cover functionality built in.

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