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You Need to Follow the Female Lego Scientist Twitter Account

Aug 22 2014 - 12:24pm

Source: Twiitter user LegoAcademics [1]

There's one true sign that you've made it big: when people start creating Twitter fan accounts. That's exactly what happened with the female scientist Lego set [2] that featured a paleontologist, astronomer, and chemist. Donna Yates, an archaeologist and research fellow [3] at the University of Glasgow, was lucky enough to get her hands on one of the limited-edition sets and began a Twitter account chronicling their hilarious adventures though academia.

It all started [4], she says, on a rainy Friday when she was sifting through a ton of paperwork, got the toy set, and started to re-create the experiences that she and her office mate were having. She posted photos to her personal Twitter account, and because people liked them so much, she started the @LegoAcademics account on Aug. 8. Since then, it's attracted more than 26,000 followers.

"I hope for a situation where a Lego set (and a Research Institute) that just happens to be filled with women isn't notable. I don't want to push or force the idea of women in science and academia, I want to normalize it," she told CNET [5]. "I don't just want little girls to dream of becoming an astronomer or a chemist, I want little boys to not think of a man, by default, when they hear the word 'scientist'. I think that is very important."

Couldn't agree more [6].

See some of our favorite tweets just as they were captioned, and follow @LegoAcademics [7] for more.


"Work Life Balance. @LegoAcademics enjoy Friday drinks . . . because they know they'll be working through the weekend."

"Peer 1: Brilliant! Accept with no changes; Peer 2: Groundbreaking! Accept with no changes; Peer 3: Reject."

"To be perfectly honest, Dr. Red is a bit hung over today. (v2)"

"The @LegoAcademics have been been living entirely on leftover conference food and lecture nibbles for the past 8 days."

"Dr. Brown's conference papers always go WAY over time . . . and she just READS them. Wake up moderator!"

"While footnoting a footnoted footnote in her paper on recursion, Dr Red caught sight of the abyss."

"Dream job."

"Dr. Red quickly downs her 4th cup so she won't miss coffee with a coauthor followed by the coffee break team meeting."


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