Lego Sculptures

Sean Kenney: The Lego-Loving Sculptor

Sean Kenney: The Lego-Loving Sculptor

There are only 13 certified Lego professionals in the world — and one of them is New York-based sculptor Sean Kenney, who turned his childhood love for Legos into a full-time career. His piece de resistance is a life-size polar bear that took over 1,000 hours to complete. Like the work of a mason, Kenney's creations are built brick-by-brick, with a coat of glue between each layer for security. His large-scale Lego installations are on display around the world at gardens, landmarks, companies, events, Lego stores, and, now, GeekSugar. Here are some of our favorite pieces from Lego sculptor Sean Kenney's incredible body of brick work.

Source: Sean Kenney

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