Lekki Reissues Classics Nokia 3210 and Motorola StarTAC

Go Old School With These Reissued Classic Phones

If you long for the days when a cell phone was just a phone, and probably a Nokia one at that, then this post is for you. The French company Lekki has released refurbished and jazzed up versions of the Nokia 3210, that ubiquitous phone of the late '90s, as well as the Motorola StarTAC (complete with retractable antenna, of course).

The refurbished phones still maintain the decidedly low-tech features like monophonic ringtones and the classic game Snake, but they come in amazing candy colors like green, yellow, and magenta, so they'll look right at home with any modern hipster outfit.

The bad news? Both the Nokia 3210 ($98) and the Motorola StarTAC 130 ($163) are only compatible with GSM 900 or 900/1800 networks, meaning we won't be able to relive the days of sneaking phone calls in the school halls and composing genius ringtones here in the US. Nevertheless, check out some photos of the (bomb) phones in the gallery below!