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Life Altering Cell Phone Tips and Apps

Do More With Your Cellphone With These Tricks and Apps

My phone is attached to my hip, and if I ever happen to lose it (knock on wood), I would be lost! Especially since I use my cell to do so many more than just make calls and send texts!

I use it to remember shopping lists, find out where I'm going, and wake my butt up after a late-night bender. It's amazing what our phones can do these days. Just to show you that the possibilities are endless, I've compiled my favorite uses for my cell phone — when I'm not using it as a phone of course.

  • Keeping my bookmarks handy is a definite perk to using I can check them out on my phone's web browser!
  • Since I'm addicted to Netflix, and am constantly updating my queue, the iFlix app for my iPhone became a fast favorite. Log in, update, and browse the top 100 rentals right from your iPhone.

To see other handy ways to use you cell phone, just


  • After learning that snatching up every new gadget that hits the shelves isn't so kind to my piggy bank, I've incorporated Dime Tracker into my daily life. Not only can you keep track of what you are spending, but Dime Tracker alerts you of your budget to keep you in check.
    • And speaking of iPhone, you can compare prices for your must-have items with PrixTag. An iPhone app that lets you check online retail prices while you're standing in Best Buy about to fork over your cash, just to make sure you're getting the best deal.
    • Wasting a lot of time answering repeat wrong-number calls? Check out this easy way to make sure it stops.
    • Worried about handing out your number to hot guys you meet at the bar, cause you aren't sure if they are good catches? Set up a Grand Central number that allows you to screen the calls before you answer, even on your cell. Plus you can add on as many new numbers as you want to your current phone line, so he never has to have your real phone number. A girls gotta be safe, right?
    • All that partying over Spring Break left you with a little more extra baggage than you bargained for — and I'm not talking about the souvenirs. Get nutrition facts sent to your cell with's on-the-go service. Just text what you're eating to DIET1, wait for the reply text, and decide whether or not you should step away from the Italian Sub.
    • I love using the white board during meetings, so when I have important info I want to remember from my sketches, I take a pic on my cell and send it to Qipit. It then gets magically transformed into a PDF that I can store online or print out. Oh, and it's free! How convenient.
    • If you're a takeout sort of gal, you'll get a lot of use out of CityMint. Using your smartphone, you can order takeout from your cell and have it delivered to your door in just 30 minutes. Ahh, technology never smelled so good.


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