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12 Truths About Smartphone Life You're Too Embarrassed to Admit

May 22 2014 - 4:33am

You know all about smartphone problems [1], but some of those problems are your own fault. Hey, we're not judging — you're not the only one who's cracked her screen from dropping her phone inside a bathroom stall. Ahead, we bring you 12 brutal truths about smartphone life that are all kinds of embarrassing, funny, and too real. This is a safe space; we promise.

Source: HBO [2]

You Take Your Phone Into the Bathroom — Even in Public Places

No shame.

Source: TLC [3]

You Purposely Don't Fix Autocorrects to Sound Funny

"OMG I meant Monday not manboobs! LOL"

Source: TLC [4]

You Wake Up in the Morning and You're Like . . .

Where's my phone? WHERE IS IT?!

Source: Youtube user HotVines [5]

You Want to Cry When No One Likes Your Instagram Pics

Somebody, anybody, please.

Source: TLC [6]

You Pretend to Text Whenever You're Alone in Public

You're not a loser, and everyone needs to know it.

You Literally Can't Go 10 Minutes Without Checking Your Phone

There's rehab for stuff like this [7].

Your Camera Roll Is 98 Percent Selfies


Source: VH1 [8]

You're That Girl Walking Up the Escalator

Get it together.

The Amount of Money You've Spent Replacing Cracked Screens Is Offensive

You could buy a new phone with that money, you know.

Source: Bravo [9]

When You're Really Bored, You Like to Mess With Siri

"Siri, do you love me?"

You Don't Check Your Group Chat For a While, So If Someone Sees Your Phone, It Looks Like You Have 100 Texts

It's called image crafting.

On Average, You Spend Half an Hour Choosing an Instagram Filter

You only have one chance.

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