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Like OMG Mom, Sorry For The Text Bill!

I like to think I am in sync with the youth of America, but an article in last Sunday's Washington Post confirms otherwise. Just last month a 13-year-old pulled in $25,000 for winning the National Texting Championship and after admitting she sends about 8,000 texts a month said she planned on blowing the money on a clothes shopping spree. "That's about right," I thought, "she's a texting freak and she's won her due prize. I am sure she only won because she's the only person on this earth that sends that many text messages." Not so.

The Washington Post found a high school junior used 6,807 text messages, which, at a rate of 15 cents apiece for most of them, pushed her family's Verizon Wireless bill to more than $1,100 for the month. Here's more:

Sofia knew she'd been texting a lot but couldn't believe the "incredible" number she hit. "I just thought, oh my God, my life is over," she said. In Sofia's case, her parents' plan included only 100 free text messages a month - fewer than half of what she was using every day "at all points of the day" - and she racked up massive per-message fees fast.

Market research indicates the consumers mostly likely to send and receive text messages are those between the ages of 13 and 24. Last year, 158 billion text messages were sent nationwide, nearly double the number in 2005, according to CTIA, the Wireless Association.

Am I crazy, or is sending more than 100 text messages a month overkill? Get e-mail access people, or use your phone to I don't know, make a phone call?

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