Logitech Mouse to Use on Your Couch

Logitech Couch Mouse: Use It Anywhere!

Logitech Mouse to Use on Your Couch

Since I don't have cable and use my TV for streaming shows and surfing the Internet, I was pretty stoked to receive the Logitech Couch Mouse M515 ($50) for review. Made to be used on your couch, bed, or carpet, the M515 has a sealed easy gliding base so you don't collect dust or fibers while you're mousing over fabrics. That's great news; since there are no openings on the bottom, you won't find a need for canned air on this mouse!

I spent a few days with the Couch Mouse, and as expected, loved it. Not only does it glide effortlessly over my futon cover, duvet, and low-pile carpet, but I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness. It was quick and consistent no matter where I used it. Coming with two AA batteries and a tiny USB receiver (and I mean tiny — don't lose this thing!), I plugged in, and was working away in seconds. The Couch Mouse really lives up to its name, but I had a feeling that you could take it beyond the sofa. Find out where else I got the Couch Mouse to work in this slideshow, and be sure to check out our Facebook page to see why I think all manufacturers should take a cue from the Logitech M515's packaging!


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