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Lomography Camera With Fisheye Lens

Whenever I try to take a picture of my parents' dog, he comes right up to the camera to sniff the lens, which gives him a magnified nose in the picture. I find it to be utterly endearing, so when I saw the Lomography Fisheye 35mm camera, which intentionally creates "fisheye" effect I was sold. This camera has a 170 degree view and compacts everything around you into a circular, distorted image. If you have a look at the picture samples after the jump, you'll see what I mean. The colored ones are hilarious while the black and white are really artsy and creative.
Each camera uses old school 35mm film and comes with a built-in electronic flash. Price is $35. To see more pics, including sample shots, read more


fisheye 2

fisheye 4

fisheye 5

fisheye 6

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