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Luggage For Style Conscious Pocket Lovers

Traveling with clunky, compartmentless luggage that looks like it was designed for grandpa is never easy or chic. So how does the traveler who needs to carry their clothes, gadgets and laptop make it through a mini-vacation? Designer Wu Jiao has come up with a luggage set for the style conscious, which may be the answer to every modern jet setter's needs.

The Jibo was designed to fit everyone's personal style. How you wonder? The exterior can be changed to match your outfit, so you can mix and match with knitted fabrics, leather and different textured fabric. Inside, you can organize your belongings in compartmentalized boxes that stack on top of the main unit and can be taken out and used as drawers/storage shelves while you are away from home. The design is just a concept right now, but something tells me the compartments would be perfect for the wireless charging pad, which is set to be released this week. For additional images of the set, read more





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