There's no denying the new, teeny-tiny iPod shuffle is great for working out, but its lack of a screen and additional features doesn't always make it the ideal player for a serious athlete.

This concept for a wearable MP3 player by Nathan Davis serves to solve some of the slipping and skipping issues brought up with larger sports players.

It has a silicone band that lets you wear it on your arm or wrist, and it has an OLED display housed underneath a layer of polycarbonate. The screen slides up to reveal transport controls, and sound is transmitted to Bluetooth headphones. On the outer edge of the player is a jog wheel (with bumps), which is a tactile sensitive ring that can be rotated in either direction. This jog wheel controls the tracking of the song or the volume. The user can switch between volume and tracking mode via the button on the outside. There is no headphone jack. The player would use Bluetooth technology, eliminating the tangled mess of wires that conventional headphones have but adding to the sensation that you feel like you aren't even wearing a music player.