Mac OS X Mavericks

Cats No More: Meet the New Mac OS X Mavericks

Cats No More: Meet the New Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple has bid farewell to the big cats of OS X with its latest update, Mavericks. The company announced that the operating system will be available free in the App Store starting today, Oct. 22. California, where Apple headquarters is located, will now serve as naming inspiration for the next generation of operating systems. First up is OS X Mavericks, named for the Northern California big-wave surfing destination, which is filled with updates like a tabbed Finder system, documents tagging, an iCloud password keychain, and deeper notifications integration between all your OS devices.

Changes are also coming to Safari, iCal, and Maps. Reading lists automatically scroll to the next article in Safari, while you can easily see all shared links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Meetings in iCal will show weather and travel time, while directions found in Maps can be sent directly to an iPhone to appear on the lock screen. Get a closer look at OS X Mavericks in the gallery.

— Additional reporting by Kelly Schwarze

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