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Cats No More: Meet the New Mac OS X Mavericks

Oct 22 2013 - 10:50am

Apple has bid farewell to the big cats of OS X with its latest update, Mavericks. The company announced that the operating system will be available free in the App Store starting today, Oct. 22. California, where Apple headquarters is located, will now serve as naming inspiration for the next generation of operating systems. First up is OS X Mavericks, named for the Northern California big-wave surfing destination, which is filled with updates like a tabbed Finder system, documents tagging, an iCloud password keychain, and deeper notifications integration between all your OS devices.

Changes are also coming to Safari, iCal, and Maps. Reading lists automatically scroll to the next article in Safari, while you can easily see all shared links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Meetings in iCal will show weather and travel time, while directions found in Maps can be sent directly to an iPhone to appear on the lock screen. Get a closer look at OS X Mavericks in the gallery.

— Additional reporting by Kelly Schwarze

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Mac OS X Mavericks

It's available today, Oct. 22, for free from the App Store!

Power Efficiency

The new OS is more efficient and battery-saving. When installed in the new 2013 MacBook Air, Mavericks offers up to an hour longer of web browsing or 1.5 hours longer watching iTunes video.


Respond to text messages or chats right from the notification window.


Thanks to location integration, Calendar can show weather and travel time from the last appointment.

Finder Tabs

One of the biggest updates to Mavericks in tabbed browsing is Finder. Instead of multiple Finder windows pictured here, power users can consolidate windows into multiple tabs.

Finder Tabs

Move documents between windows and between tabs by dragging and dropping. Finder can also now be viewed in full screen.

Finder Tabs

Copying documents to a new folder is as simple as dragging a file and hovering over a tab.


Another feature is tagging, a new way to organize and save files.


When saving documents, users can add multiple tags like Important, Work, Pending Approval, etc.


You can search for tags in spotlight or quickly find tagged documents in the sidebar of Finder.

Multiple Displays

Mavericks comes with better support for two-screen displays.

Multiple Displays

Both displays can now support apps in full-screen mode.

Multiple Displays

One app can be in full-screen mode on one display, and the other display will be fully functional as its own separate unit.

Multiple Displays

In both screens, the menu bar and dock are completely accessible.

New Safari

Reading list and bookmarks in Safari get a new design.

New Safari

The landing page also gets a new gray color scheme.


Apple Maps is now available on desktop. Send directions to your iPhone from your Mac.


Apple's ebook platform, iBooks, is also now available for desktop.

iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is OS X's new password-saving mechanism. It supports saving credit card numbers, too, and all of the information is encrypted. Keychain will also suggest secure alpha numeric passwords for new accounts.

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