MapQuest Map Alternative For iPhone

MapQuest: Yet Another iOS 6 Maps Alternative

MapQuest Map Alternative For iPhone

Last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to iOS 6 users for the failure of the new native Maps application to, well, work properly. There was one thing that caught our eye in Tim's note — a nod to competitors as an alternative to Apple's faulty map app.

Included in the list was: Google and Nokia Maps (the usual suspects); Bing (which we took for a spin last week); and a more curious recommendation — MapQuest. The web mapping service, which launched in 1996, hasn't been on our radar for a few years, but we decided to give MapQuest's mobile app another shot. What we found was a mix of '90s nostalgia and unexpectedly useful discovery tools. Here are the pros and cons of MapQuest's eccentric mobile map app.


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