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Mario Kart Returns With New Tracks, New Weapons, and a Sparkling Mercedes

May 30 2014 - 10:48am

Mario Kart's back. Officially out today on Wii U, Mario Kart 8 [1] ($60) is a mix of brand-spanking-new and classic courses players will experience in vibrant HD. Awaiting players are 16 new courses alongside remixes of 16 courses seen in previous Mario Kart games like Moo Moo Meadows (beware of cows) and Toad's Turnpike (beware of semis).

Rolling out in Japan is a free downloadable content pack that lets players drive a Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV [2]. Have fun in that off-brand SUV, Bowser. While the extra is only available in Japan currently, it may roll out to other international users (fingers crossed, USA) soon.

Banana peels, shells, and thunderbolts are still at your disposal to inch opponents off the tracks and gain a lead, but two new weapons may grab your attention too. The Boomerang Flower can be thrown forward and backward three times to stun other characters, and the Piranha Plant bites at other players while tacked on to the front of a car.

Characters also include all of Bowser's pesky kids — the Koopalings — as well as Shy Guy, Metal Mario, and Lakitu, who you'll recognize as the guy usually sitting atop a cloud marking off each lap in previous games.

Watch the trailer and view excerpts from the game below.

Source: Nintendo [3]

Vivid Graphics

Source: Nintendo [4]

Gravity-Defying Tracks

Source: Nintendo [5]

Mario Kart 8 — All the Tracks!

New Boomerang Weapon

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