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Editors' Picks: Geek June Must Haves

Jun 24 2014 - 9:34am

Geek Chic Swimsuit

Sure, Star Wars month was in May [1], but there's no reason to stop the love now. This comic-like swimsuit [2] ($93) is so cute, you'll want to rock it all season long.

— Lisette Mejia, assistant editor

Waterproof Phone Case

My biggest fear is being at a Summer pool party and having someone "playfully" toss me in, cell phone and all. The only thing that would lessen the damage is a waterproof phone case like this Atlas one [3] ($80), which promises to keep your cell safe. It's not exactly cheap, but it'll be worth it in case anything happens.

— LM

Engineer Prints

Show off your Summer photography [4] by going BIG. Blow up your Instagram hits with Photojojo's new Engineer Prints [5] ($25), lo-fi, lightweight, black-and-white, four-by-three-foot posters. Simply hang your new art up with thumbtacks or tape.

— Nicole Nguyen, assistant editor

Mason Jar Speaker

School's out!!! Between barbeques and beaching, you'll have all this free time on your hands, so you might as well do a little DIY [6]. Trash Amp's Mason Jar Speaker [7] ($65) and, for the more tech savvy, the kit [8] ($40) save plastics (which typically serve as speaker housing) from ending up in landfill. Hear sweet sounds from your mobile device, or use it as a practice guitar amp!

Because there's nothing as quintessentially outdoorsy as mason jars, the perfect vessels for jams and iced teas and capturing fireflies.

— NN

Restored Super 8 Camera

No app can reproduce the feel of a real Super 8 film. The carefully restored Rhonda CAM Super 8mm Film Camera [9] ($390) uses — you guessed it — real Super 8 film. Running anywhere from $20 to $40 per cartridge, Super 8 film isn't cheap. But for an enthusiastic hobbyist, the results are worth it.

— Kelly Schwarze, associate editor

Phone Bike Mount

It's not officially Summer until you're traveling everywhere on two wheels. The Phone Handleband Bike Mount [10] ($20) is compatible with most phones, so that you're able to capture outdoor adventures from the best perspective of all — those handlebars.

— KS

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