Lets get started — see if you can match up these celebs with their cell phones!

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Guess who's hiding his iPhone?
Mark Wahlberg
Ryan Reynolds
Channing Tatum
Toby Maguire
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Guess who's texting in baggage claim?
Lauren Conrad
Whitney Port
Stephanie Pratt
Heidi Montag
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Guess who's toting her BlackBerry?
Megan Fox
Demi Moore
Audrina Patridge
Kim Kardashian
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Guess who's behind bars?
Sienna Miller
Pamela Anderson
Kate Moss
Ashley Olsen
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Guess who's got his BlackBerry in hand?
Adrian Grenier
Matt Damon
Stephen Moyer
Ben Affleck
Match These Celebs With Their Gadgets
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Match these Celebs With Their Gadgets!