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Match the Celeb With the Cell Phone 2010-02-21 14:00:21

Match the Celeb With the Cell Phone!

Let's get started — see if you can match up these celebs with their cell phones!

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Guess who's heading into her trailer?
Reese Witherspoon
Kristin Cavallari
Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
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Guess who's toting her iPhone?
Demi Moore
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox
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Guess who's got his cell phone covered in lime green?
Zac Efron
Taylor Lautner
Joe Jonas
Pete Wentz
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Guess who took her BlackBerry along for a night out on the town?
Lindsay Lohan
Kim Kardashian
Audrina Patridge
Ashlee Simpson
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Guess who's checking her email while on vacation?
Heidi Montag
Hayden Panettiere
Paris Hilton
Kristen Bell
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