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Match the Celeb With the Gadget! 2010-02-28 14:00:18

Match the Celeb With the Gadget!

Let's get started — see if you can match up these celebs with their gadgets!

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Guess who's checking his email?
James Franco
Matthew McConaughey
Ashton Kutcher
Hayden Christensen
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Guess who's toting her laptop?
Nicole Richie
Mandy Moore
Nicky Hilton
Kim Kardashian
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Guess who's keeping an eye on her iPhone?
Lauren Conrad
Hilary Duff
Britney Spears
Anna Paquin
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Guess who's chatting on the run?
Kate Bosworth
Naomi Watts
Paris Hilton
AnnaLynne McCord
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Guess who's leaving her trailer with her BlackBerry?
Eva Longoria
Courteney Cox
Jennifer Garner
Angelina Jolie
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