It's that time again — can you match these celebs with their gadgets?

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Guess who's got her iPod and Kindle for her flight?
Ashley Greene
Kristen Stewart
Nikki Reed
Jessica Biel
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Guess who loves her bling?
Eva Longoria
Katy Perry
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Garner
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Guess who's got her BlackBerry and a Red Bull?
Lauren Conrad
Dakota Fanning
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
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Guess who's on the phone?
Jude Law
Kellan Lutz
Robert Pattinson
Brad Pitt
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Guess who's posing for the camera?
Tom Cruise
Robert Pattinson
Johnny Depp
Justin Timberlake
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Guess who loves her iPod Shuffle and MacBook Pro?
Cameron Diaz
Sienna Miller
Renee Zellweger
Katharine McPhee
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