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Matthew McConaughey Strolls with Camila Alves

Geek Out: How Do You Wear Your Camera?

If your first reaction to seeing Matthew McConaughey with his camera around his neck is "Tourist!," then you're in good company! I thought the same thing, even though I have to cop to wearing my camera around my neck — sometimes. If I have my little point-and-shoot camera, it's always in a case in my bag when not in use, but for my big, digital SLR, it's a different story.

When you take a short break from shooting photos, you're a little less cavalier about putting an expensive DLSR down just anywhere, but if you know you'll be taking more photos relatively soon, it's a pain to put it all the way back in the case.

So there it stays, dangling around my neck like a big, dorky necklace. But whatevs, it's safe. Sometimes I shoot with it around my neck, which ratchets the geek factor right up.

As for our man Mateo here, I have to give him the same pass I gave David Beckham for wearing a cell phone clip on his belt: Hands-on daddies need to be hands-free!

But tell me: What do you do with your camera, SLR, point-and-shoot, Polaroid, Flip video camera, etc.? Do you wear it around your neck or wrist, or always put it away when it's not being used?

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