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Fetch Phone Cases That Would Make Regina George Proud

Oct 3 2014 - 11:11am

It's Oct. 3, which means we're celebrating Mean Girls Day [1] today. After you've caught up with where the cast is now [2], don't forget another way to commemorate all the movie's best moments: with phone cases that show off the flick's iconic phrases. Fetch!

"Boo you whore" iPhone case [3] ($35)

Fetch iPhone 5/5s case [4] ($43)

"The limit does not exist" iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [5] ($35)

"I'm a mouse" iPhone case [6] ($31)

Whatever iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [7] ($35)

"She doesn't even go here" iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [8] ($35)

Mathletes iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [9] ($35)

Grool iPhone/Galaxy S5 cover [10] ($35)

"Boo you whore" iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [11] ($35)

Burn book iPhone/Galaxy case [12] ($10-$19)

"Get in loser" iPhone/Galaxy S5 case [13] ($35)

"You can't sit with us" iPhone/Galaxy S5 [14] ($35)

"That was one time" iPhone/Galaxy S4 case [15] ($35)

"On Wednesdays we wear pink" iPhone/Galaxy S4 case [16] ($35)

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