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Microsoft's New Surface: Interactive Multi-Touch Table

May 30 2007 - 12:10pm

Last night at midnight Microsoft announced a new product, the Microsoft Surface [0], which is a multi-touch table that aims to change the way we interact with digital content. The table uses cameras to sense objects, hand gestures and touch. The user input is then processed and the result is displayed on the surface using rear projection. This gives the user complete control over the content - such as photos, music, and maps.

By the looks of it, the device combines all the elements of digital life into a snazzy, futuristic table that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie.

To see more images and to watch a video of how it works,

Surface will be available in restaurants, hotels, retail establishments and public entertainment venues. The Surface will be available to the market in winter of 2007 and will reportedly cost $10,000.

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