The nice people at Mophie let me test out some of their new iPod accessories, including this neat Knox case that acts like a money clip for cash and cards and holds an iPod nano. It may sound like just another over-eager iPod accessory, but I found it to be incredibly useful and handy, plus I like the cool aluminum design.

The Knox allows you to take just the essentials in the ultimate wallet and iPod combo with you when you're on the go. It holds your cards, your cash, and your iPod securely in a slim shell of aircraft grade aluminum. I like it because I have a tendency to spill things in my purse and even when it's protected by a plastic case, I worry I'm going to flood my poor little iPod. Also, the case is just geek chic. For a bunch more photos, just read more

The Knox requires that your Nano 2nd Gen be in a Relo Radura, which is included. The Knox can also be used with your Nano while in a Relo Base Case (1st or 2nd Gen), sold separately. You can check out the Knox, $45, at the official Mophie website.