Movie Locations Then and Now

Visit the Real-Life Locations of Iconic Films

Visit the Real-Life Locations of Iconic Films

As it turns out, San Francisco 50 years ago looks just like San Francisco today! A new time-traveling app for iOS called ScenePast ($2) takes movie buffs to the filming locations of their favorite motion pictures. Enter a year, a zip code, or a city, and see what old sets from Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco look like in 2014. The app reveals over 650 past and present scenes from famous American movies. ScenePast's creators have watched over 20,000 hours of movie footage in search of identifiable film (and some TV) locations.

That old house from Mrs. Doubtfire? Still there. The schoolhouse from The Birds? Exactly the same. The ivy-covered frat house from The Graduate? Going strong. Scroll down for a look at 10 iconic movie sets — some locales are surprisingly identical.

Source: ScenePast


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