Multi Lines Extension Cord

Genius! Multi Lines Extension Cords Are Functional and Fab

Multi Lines Extension Cord

How many times have you complained that your cords are too short, your power strip is too far away, or you just don't want a million cables running down the base of your floorboard? Plenty, right? OK, so here's one solution: Multi Lines. This extension cord acts as a power strip in that there are multiple plugs you can connect to make the cord as long (or short) as you want. Just plug one line into another to extend the cord, find an electrical outlet, and you're done. The electricity runs through the cable so you don't have to worry about stuffing six plugs into one power brick.

Each pack of Multi Lines comes in three lengths (six, nine, and 16 feet), the option of choosing between three colors (white, pink, or blue), and range in price from $16 to $22 each. While I'm pretty sure I won't be hooking up any tea pots to mine (more like laptop chargers and record players), you can check out more images of the Multi Lines in the slideshow!


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