Music Streaming App MOG

MOG: A Music Service That'll Surprise You

MOG: A Music Service That'll Surprise You

We're looking at the different dimensions of digital music: streaming (Spotify and Rdio), Internet radio (Pandora and 8tracks), downloading, and some mix of all the above (Xbox Music). Today, the music service under the microscope is MOG, a high-quality streaming site founded in 2005.

MOG stands for "music on the go," and it truly is, supporting more platforms than any other service we've seen. What we found is that MOG, recently acquired by Beats Electronics, is built for audiophiles, offering the highest sound quality available for streaming music online.

Music from MOG will sound as great from a web browser as it will from a home entertainment system, which is exactly what it was intended for. Even though MOG doesn't have the largest music library on the web, you might be surprised by how much the music streaming service can do. Learn more about the price, the music, and what sets MOG apart.


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