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6 Ways NASA Is "Increasing the Awesome"

6 Ways NASA Is "Increasing the Awesome"

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver is stepping down from her position as second in command of the US space agency for a job in the private sector starting September 6.

We're sad to see the leading lady of US space exploration and research go, but we're reminded of Lori's Reddit AMA, where she noted all the ways NASA is "increasing the awesome" (her description of the future James Webb Space Telescope program). Lori deferred all what-if questions to other galactic authorities ("My public affairs folks suggest Neil deGrasse Tyson :)," she responded to one Redditor), but she did have a lot to say about the future of social media, education, outer planetary exploration, and more.

See how NASA is working to increase the awesome (our new mantra, by the way) in the gallery and, if you're itching for more NASA news, direct your burning questions to @NASASocial.