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Naro Concept Vehicle, AKA 'The Easy Rider'

Naro Concept Vehicle, AKA 'The Easy Rider'

The Naro is a "free leaning" vehicle that has the dynamics of a motorcycle, yet the comforts of a conventional car. The concept for the car, which has the nickname of "Easy Rider," was born to address the increasing problems of congestion, pollution and parking scarcity that our cities face, while focusing on environmentalism and sustainability. Apparently, it offers double the efficiency of a conventional car by virtue of its size and weight. "Combined with the energy consumed in manufacture, the first year's CO2 emissions will be 25 percent of that of a conventional car," says the maker.

It gets 100 miles per gallon, touts a top speed of 85 mph and can reportedly go from 0-60 in 12 seconds. It's a fully enclosed, two-seat four-wheel vehicle with the banking action of a motorbike to prevent it from tipping over when cornering (think funny British spy car!). The vehicle has the footprint of a motorcycle yet is taller than most MPVs — this provides the driver with the visibility to see and plan ahead when moving through traffic. For a full gallery of images, read more







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