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8 Cats Ruling the Internet With Geekiness Right Meow

Oct 29 2014 - 7:17am

Source: Stella Four [1]

In the ongoing battle of cat vs. dog, we'd like to name cats as the fluffy mascot of nerd culture. With their innate smarts, enterprising attitude, and the force behind some of the Internet's biggest memes, it's safe to say felines are officially Team Geek. In celebration of National Cat Day [2], take a look at the geekiest cats of pop culture.

Salem Saberhagen

As a warlock punished to live 100 years as a black cat, Salem on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch spends his days providing cheeky zingers and eye roll-inducing puns to the trio of witches he counts as roommates.

Source: Wiki Commons [3]

Chemistry Cat

Cats' love of science is largely forgotten by the general population. Chemistry Cat, as its name suggests, loves a good Periodic Table of Elements joke, especially with a dash of pun mixed in.

Source: I Can Has Cheezburger? [4]


Though grown-ups may see him just as a stuffed tiger, to his best friend, Calvin, Hobbes is a living tiger with enough spunk to be his partner in crime, while also helping the boy with his homework.

Source: Amazon [5]

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat was originally filmed in the 1980s and clearly ahead of his time when it comes to Internet memes. As an electronic music soloist, Keyboard Cat [6] is one of the web's most popular felines.

Source: Keyboard Cat Facebook [7]

The Cat in the Hat

Promoter of children's literacy and speaking in rhyme, this cat is our favorite geek of all time.

Source: Barnes & Noble [8]

Mr. Bigglesworth

Companion to villainous genius Dr. Evil, it's safe to say the hairless Mr. Bigglesworth shares his master's sinisterly geeky aptitude.

Source: Wiki Commons [9]


Our favorite witch Hermione shows off serious smarts in the Harry Potter series. We'd like to imagine her cat, Crookshanks, sat by her side, through every study session and even snuck in her backpack to hang out at the library.

Source: Harry Potter Wiki [10]

Ewok Cat

Ewoks are arguably the cutest critters of the Star Wars universe, so naturally a cat dressed as an Ewok [11] is exponentially adorable.

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