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Netflix Overturns Their Own Decision To Eliminate User Profiles

Yay! The Petition Worked! Netflix Not Losing User Profiles

Remember the Netflix debacle from a couple of weeks ago, regarding their decision to get rid of separate user profiles among households? When I asked you what you thought, an astounding 66 percent of you said that you do use the profiles, and I think we all agreed that getting rid of them was a bad idea. Some people even proposed jumping ship!

Thankfully, Netflix responded to the circulated petition (I signed it; did you?) via their blog, stating that they heard you: "We were persuaded by the well-reasoned, sincere responses of loyal members who very much value this feature, and have decided to keep the profiles." Who says petitions don't work?

My bummed-out feeling that I had toward Netflix last week has been utterly replaced with a general feeling of satisfaction and goodwill for a company that respects its users enough to listen to their needs at this level. Thank you, Netflix!

And boyfriend? You can totally have your own profile now.


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