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Netflix On TiVo - Almost As Good As It Sounds

You can now view or modify your online movie queue with popular DVD rental programs like Netflix, Blockbuster Online and even Amazon's Unbox by downloading a simple and free TiVo plugin.

This does not mean you can have your Netflix of Blockbuster films on demand on your TiVo or even download them, but it does give you easy access to your movie queue when you're sitting in front of the TV.

You can access, browse for movies by genre/category and keyword and update your Blockbuster or Netlix movie queue with TiVo and your online service. I'm in love with this feature because I only think about my Netflix queue when I receive reminder e-mails or when I am playing with my TiVo wishing I had a great movie to watch because 90 percent of the stuff I TiVoed enviably falls in the "TiNo" category.

As for Amazon Unbox, you can rent or purchase and download videos on your registered TiVo, watch video previews on TiVo ToGo enabled receivers, view or modify video preview queue and do regular searches by genre, category or keyword.







Get the TiVo plugin for free.


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