New Acme Made Sleeves, Bags For MacBook Pro

Crave-Worthy Clutch, Skinny Sleeve From Acme Made

New Acme Made Sleeves, Bags For MacBook Pro

The latest iteration of the MacBook Pro lineup was announced yesterday, and already there's a new case that's making me drool. From Acme Made, the Clutch bag and Skinny sleeve can be found exclusively at the Apple Store and fit your 13-inch MacBook Pros and 11- and 13-inch MacBook Airs like a glove. Costing a cool $40, the sleeve is waterproof and shows off your laptop's super slim profile. Setting you back $100 for the Clutch, this bag is made of coated canvas and leather and has room for your laptop, as well as some pens, your phone, and maybe some files (if you've got 'em).
Truth be told, I'm kind of in love with that luscious brown leather. Take a closer look at both items yourself in the gallery!


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