New Airbnb Logo

12 Awkward Things Airbnb's New Logo Looks Like

12 Awkward Things Airbnb's New Logo Looks Like

Airbnb, the widely popular home and room rental community, has a very awkward new logo. It's called Bélo, and it's supposed to be the universal symbol of belonging. We won't disagree that it's a beautiful idea — but let's be real: the company's new identity looks like a mashup of, um, human genitalia (here's a really NSFW post for those interested).

The dark and twisted Internet recognized this rebranding disaster immediately and responded with some downright hilarious mashups. Read on for things that strikingly resemble Airbnb's new upside-down heart logo. Don't worry: we kept this post safe for, er, public eyes.

Source: Airbnb Blog


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